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What we do?

We are a publisher of books on yoga, ayurveda, herbalism, aromatherapy and body awareness.

Everything about Ayurveda – portal of knowledge about a healthy lifestyle.


We deal with workshops in the field of broadly understood well-being, including Ayurveda and working with the mind.

Who we are?

Our mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle, with pro-health prevention, yoga, Ayurveda and herbalism. We believe that harmony of body, mind and spirit is the foundation of health.

We practice yoga and study Ayurveda, an ancient natural medicine whose principles are based on maintaining energy balance. Herbalism is our way to use the riches of nature for good health and well-being.

We promote sustainable living, taking care of the environment and emphasizing the importance of caring for the planet. We share knowledge about a healthy lifestyle through articles, books and free newsletters.

We participate in industry fairs, meet with readers, exchange experiences. We engage in social activities, organizing meetings, workshops and local events to promote a healthy lifestyle.

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What can you learn with us?

Since 2013, we have been dealing with informal, non-vocational adult learning. Our portfolio includes workshops and training in the field of herbalism, pro-health prevention, Ayurveda, and working with the mind. We work with adults who want to develop.

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Our passion is to share knowledge about a healthy lifestyle, and our publishing house and portal are platforms for the implementation of this mission. If you are interested in our activities, write to us!